Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am finished although Tool #7 is out of order.

Tool #7

Wow! What fun. The kids will love digital storytelling. Goodbye oral book reports with a poster. This would be quite useful for kids giving a book review or presenting a topic in science or social studies. I was able to share my vacation to the Bahamas through Digital Storytelling. Talk about "being there". Also quite useful when kids go on field trips. They could create a digital story when they return to share with other grade levels. (This video will not post?) Tried many times. I even removed several of my pictures from the photostory thinking it had too many, which was only 7. When I condensed it I took it down to 5 pictures and it still wouldn't post. Puzzled??
I am now at Barnes & Noble for the "Help Session". Jenny Meyer still can't get it to load. Oh, well, we tried.