Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool # 11 - Reflection

I enjoyed broading my knowledge and learning more about how technology can be useful in the classroom. This past year I used the itouch with my struggling readers and they loved some of the apps I selected. Some of my favorite tools that I learned about were the Google Docs, Wordle, and videos. I would like to do a Wordle activity with my kids. They could create one summarizing things from a book they read. I found the digital storytelling quite easy to use also. Kids would love it! Once again we as teachers who are often scared about implementing technology need to realize how engaging it is for students. They are never scared to try things. We need to play catchup. The only thing unexpected is the amount of time it took. We should receive more than 9 hours of credit. Overall, it is worth the time and it opened my eyes to many more avenues for using technology.

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  1. Hiiii Mary! It's Cinthia! I'm so glad I've stumbled upon your blog! I've thought of you often and have been meaning to email you! We have to catch up some time soon! I miss you! :) Love your blog and couldn't agree more with your reflection about technology. What an appealing, relevant and effective tool to use with our students. We have to meet our kids where they're at and I'm excited to take advantage of these tools! A big hug your way and enjoy the rest of your summer!